Expect miracles!

Every fulfilled dream looks beautiful at the end of the journey, so is a miracle. Miracles happen to those who believe in something with all your heart and mind, bringing them to life. Indeed sometimes it’s through the mess we find the miracle. Get through the messy phase , fall learn fall again and learn a lot more everytime you fall. Realise that life is a series of miracles like for a cupcake that believes in miracle becomes a muffin one day. Do little things that gives life a breeze in the waves of change leading to find a new direction, though sometimes the transformation is painful but you will not fall apart instead you will be falling into something different, for everything is beautiful if we love it. They say, that “Every box of raisins is a tragic tale of grapes that could have been wine” but hold on the upcoming phase of that raisin might be a cookie too…all that it takes is the time and the patience that tames our passion. And yes now it’s all fair enough to say that “Even Miracles Take Time” :’)


What it takes to be a Lowkey person?


Wonder what all Lowkey people go through?

The word Lowkey is a bi-syllable however it takes in many forms for a person to get along such a non monitoring life which reflects one’s approach towards his/her progress. This relies on a peaceful idealistic mind with a vision of the future and the living of the present. Not to exaggerate but being a Lowkey person is a tackling skill in such a trending socialistic world. Wise people seek for the right necessity to do things. Anything that is done out of use is a waste of time in general. A lowkey person keeps his/her confidence in silence and the people who lack self confidence make their insecurities louder than a winning person’s success. This makes no progress in one’s life. And also not everyone needs to know everything about you and not everything they hear about you would be true. Though the posibilities differ from the attitude of a person. Hence to remember, not to underestimate anyone for each person is gifted with a magic called uniqueness. 🙂


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First blog post

Hey there! This is my very first post in my new blog “What it takes to be?” Uhmm that sounds incomplete? Well here’s what it relates to: We know that perception differs from beings to beings, but we never give it a shot to think what it takes to be  any other version of anything else. For example, what it takes to be a sinner? Optimist? Foodie? Genius? Psychopath? Superman? A rebel? Gamer? Celeb? A monkey? Joker? or even why not a serial killer? Things like these will make you think out of the box in any instance. And I assure that every post in this blog that are going to be shared will be with pinches of creativity fun and logic. Hopefully this blog will make your time worth giving a read ‘cuz all we have is now. 

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